Trendy LGBTQ+ Wedding Themes and How Our Nashville Venue Makes Them Shine

June 12, 2024

Planning a wedding is a deeply personal journey. For LGBTQ+ couples, it carries additional layers of meaning and celebration. Choosing the right venue is crucial; you need one that not only supports but also enhances your unique vision.

At 14TENN, we pride ourselves on being a versatile, inclusive space in Nashville where every couple can bring their dream wedding to life. In this blog post, we’ll explore some trendsetting LGBTQ+ wedding themes and illustrate how our venue can transform these ideas into a stunning reality.

Highlighting Popular LGBTQ+ Wedding Themes

Modern Elegance

For couples who love sleek lines and contemporary aesthetics, the Modern Elegance theme is perfect. Think minimalist, monochrome color schemes, and sophisticated floral arrangements. This theme is all about clean, chic, and timeless elements.

Rustic With a Twist

Embrace natural beauty with a “Rustic With a Twist” theme. This popular choice features elements like wooden decor and earthy tones, with modern or vintage pieces creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for indoor-outdoor weddings.

Rustic with a twist wedding at 14TENN
Photo: Laura K. Allan

Urban Chic

Urban Chic weddings are for couples who love the buzz of the city. This theme blends industrial elements like exposed beams and metals with sophisticated urban decor, offering a stylish and trendy backdrop for your celebration.

Urban Chic wedding at 14TENN
Photo: John Myers Photography

Vintage Romance

Step back in time with a Vintage Romance theme, where antique decor, delicate details, and nostalgic color palettes set the stage for a timeless love story. This theme is ideal for those who appreciate the charm of yesteryears and want their wedding to reflect that elegance.

Venue Features That Complement These Themes

Modern Elegance

Our sleek, adaptable indoor space with high ceilings and modern lighting fixtures provides the perfect canvas for a Modern Elegance wedding. The neutral tones of 14TENN allow for any color scheme to pop, making your vision come to life effortlessly.

Rustic With a Twist

14TENN’s outdoor patio offers a chance to escape to the outdoors while still being within the conveniences of the city. The wooden beams and barn-inspired architecture of our indoor space complement this theme perfectly, providing a cozy yet sophisticated setting.

Urban Chic

The industrial-chic elements of 14TENN, including exposed beams and modern urban decor, align seamlessly with the Urban Chic theme. Our customizable indoor space can be transformed to reflect the stylish vibe of a city loft.

Vintage Romance

Our venue’s classic architectural elements and the option to rent elegant, vintage-inspired decor make it an ideal choice for a Vintage Romance wedding. The soft lighting and charm of our space help create an intimate, nostalgic atmosphere.

Real Wedding Stories and Testimonials

At 14TENN, we’ve had the honor of hosting many beautiful LGBTQ+ weddings. Take, for example, Sarah and Emily’s Rustic Charm wedding. They wanted a cozy, intimate celebration that reflected their love of nature. Our outdoor space, adorned with fairy lights and rustic wooden decor, provided the perfect setting for their vows.

Another memorable event was Michael and James’ Urban Chic wedding. They envisioned a trendy, city-inspired celebration. We transformed our space with sleek, modern decor and chic urban details, creating a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere that left their guests in awe.

Planning Tips and How the Venue Can Assist

Modern Elegance

  • Layout Ideas: Consider a minimalist aisle with monochrome floral arrangements.
  • Decor Tips: Utilize sleek, metallic accents and modern floral designs.

Rustic With a Twist

  • Layout Ideas: Ceremony with a wooden arch and twinkle lights.
  • Decor Tips: Incorporate natural elements like wood and wildflowers, and even vintage rugs.

Urban Chic

  • Layout Ideas: Industrial-style seating arrangements and modern floral installations.
  • Decor Tips: Use metallic tones, glass, and bold city-inspired decor.

Vintage Romance

  • Layout Ideas: Antique furniture pieces and vintage table settings.
  • Decor Tips: Incorporate lace, pearls, and soft pastels.

Our dedicated staff at 14TENN is here to assist you every step of the way. From layout planning to decor suggestions, we’ll help you tailor every detail to fit your theme perfectly, ensuring your wedding is everything you’ve envisioned and more.

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