How Much Does a Wedding Planner in Nashville Cost?

April 26, 2024

Planning a wedding is a thrilling journey filled with countless decisions, and one of the most pivotal ones is determining whether to enlist the help of a wedding planner. In order to make that decision, you need to understand the financial commitment involved.

To simplify your research, we’ve delved into the factors influencing the cost of wedding planning services in Nashville.

In Nashville, the average wedding planner cost typically costs between $2,500 and $7,500. The average cost of a wedding planner varies based on factors such as the duration of services, the number of staff on the wedding day, and the scope of services provided.

Placesettings for a wedding in Nashville
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Breaking Down Nashville Wedding Planner Cost

While the investment in hiring a planner may seem significant, the assurance of a flawlessly executed big day is invaluable.

Wedding coordinators and planners offer a range of packages, from comprehensive planning to day-of coordination. Depending on the package selected, services may include decor setup, timeline creation, budget management, vendor sourcing, overall design creation, and day-of management.

14TENN Planning ensures seamless transitions throughout your event, ensuring your wedding ceremony unfolds smoothly while keeping your guests pleasantly surprised at every turn. Our planners not only strive to realize your wedding vision but also assist with tasks such as managing late arrivals, coordinating processions to your chosen songs, and ensuring the signing of your marriage license.

Regardless of the package chosen, having a trusted partner in the wedding industry guiding you through the wedding planning process is well worth the investment.

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How to Save on the Cost of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning services can streamline the process and save you both time and money. At 14TENN Planning, our extensive network of vendor partners can help couples navigate their options efficiently, matching them with services that align with their needs and wedding budgets.

We offer full-service wedding planning and design, as well as partial wedding planning packages tailored to those seeking assistance with specific aspects of their wedding design. Our planners excel at maximizing decor budgets, and offering suggestions on renting, purchasing, or DIYing certain items.

For couples who prefer hands-on involvement in planning but seek support on their wedding day, month-of coordination is an excellent choice. This option involves wrapping up the final details two months before the wedding and a day-of coordinator taking care of everything on your special day.

The 14TENN wedding planning team in Nashville
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What’s the ROI of a Wedding Planner?

While hiring a wedding planner may add to your budget, the time and stress they alleviate are invaluable. Our primary goal is to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams, meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

Having a destination wedding? Hiring a wedding planner is even more important. In this case, event planning can be far more complex, thus requiring the help of a full-service planner.

Is a Wedding Planner for Your Nashville Wedding Worth it?

A professional wedding planner offers numerous benefits, serving as your advisor, advocate, and source of event wisdom. While not everyone opts for wedding coordination, those who do experience a more relaxed planning experience.

Contact the team at 14TENN Planning today to begin planning your Nashville wedding and ensure a memorable celebration.