A Lifetime of Love at 14TENN

June 11, 2024

Isaiah and Jessica’s Summer wedding at 14TENN was recently featured in Nashville Bride Guide!

Their day wedding was truly unforgettable. From sunrise to sunset, the day unfolded like a dream come true for Isaiah and Jessica. Their vision was to create an experience that would be cherished forever, encapsulated by Jessica’s three guiding words: light, bright, and airy. With the expertise of her planning team, the reality surpassed even their most vivid dreams.

14TENN was the ideal Nashville wedding venue, perfectly reflecting the theme of light, bright, and airy. Our space’s layout facilitated a stunning ceremony, with a dynamic transformation into an evening reception, showcasing the beauty of a summer sunset and a warm, starry night. Two open bars, an incredible dessert spread, and a lively dance floor added to the evening’s magic.

Isaiah and Jessica aimed for a celebration brimming with love, joy, peace, and the company of family and friends. They wanted to ensure their 200 guests enjoyed great food, delightful drinks, excellent music, and non-stop dancing. They have expressed that, given the chance, they would relive this day exactly as it was, alongside the vendors who made it all possible.

Jessica: We met at Fort Lee, Virginia (now Fort Gregg-Adams), when I visited my childhood best friend, Deanna, who was in Basic Officer Leader Course with my now, husband Isaiah. It was August 2020, which was approximately 5 months after the U.S. shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My best friend thought she would have to immediately report to her role in S. Korea, and she was so sad when we spoke, as she needed to take care of a lot of things before leaving, including picking up her mail and organizing her items before having to report to Korea. When I hung up the phone, I immediate searched for a flight and booked it to arrive on Friday, August 28, 2020. I met Isaiah on Saturday, August 29, when Deanna asked him if he could drive us to the store to purchase much needed items (libations for the evening)! Because Isaiah is a gentleman, he obliged and from that point forward, for that weekend and in life, we’ve been inseparable.

Tell us about your engagement!

Jessica: Our engagement was so special, and truly another amazing day to remember. It was the perfect precursor to the most amazing wedding. Isaiah proposed during his birthday weekend celebration. Our engagement was in Nashville, and we had a weekend of birthday events planned with his closest friends. On Saturday, March 19, 2022, we held a dinner at SixtyVines (who were so amazingly kind and accommodating), which I thought was a dinner filled with all of those who love and support Isaiah, for his birthday. A few weeks before, we were concerned that he was to be deployed, and so given that, I didn’t think twice about the unwavering support of those who love him, knowing that a deployment may be looming. It turns out that Isaiah in his selfless fashion, had invited everyone he loved to witness him ask me to be his wife. The restaurant asked if they should “bring out the cake”, which made me side-eye him, as I’d asked him if he desired a custom cake and he declined! But, it’s because he wanted to be in control of the day and the experience and I couldn’t be happier. Until our wedding, our engagement was the most joyous moment of my life as I’d never had the sensation of someone else making an experience entirely about me and my happiness.

Where did you find your dress?

Jessica: We were based in Clarksville, Tennessee at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and therefore, it was important for me to try and shop locally, where I could. I found an amazing bridal boutique, Lavender Park Bridal, based in Clarksville on Instagram!

What was the vision & theme for your wedding? What details were used to create this vision?

Jessica: My vision was a day that felt and looked light, bright, and airy. I wanted light, summery colors, sunlight/sun-drenched spaces, and oxygen-filled rooms, bolstered by beautiful florals, all while having balance and “white space/limited clutter”. I primarily used my planner, PLS Coordinate, to explain my desire and leveraged her expertise to create the vision board. Pinterest was really the idea capture place, and the primary research tool.

Where did you splurge? Where did you save?

Jessica: I really, really wanted to be frugal, but I quickly realized that my vision came with a price tag that I would have to adjust to, beginning with securing a wedding planning, full planning package. For florals, I went with baby’s breath to support my vision of light/bright and voluminous which achieved the goal and didn’t break the bank. We ultimately chose 14TENN because of the price discount for a Thursday wedding, and the ability to provide an open bar, buying our own wine, spirits, and beer wholesale, at a lower cost and for a longer time period, than many other venues. We also found an AMAZING caterer that served the tastiest food, at a very reasonable price. I designed signage myself with Canva, with insporation from Etsy, and had it printed (with coupons)! My dress was fairly cost-effective, I didn’t set a budget per se, but my goal was to find a sale dress, if I could, that I loved. It wasn’t on sale, but Lavender Park Bridal had amazing price points and I felt comfortable with the price.

What is your best piece of advice for others planning their wedding?

Jessica: The biggest thing I would say is to secure a well-versed wedding planner! That was a Godsend for me, and I can truly say it’s one of the best investments. But also if that’s not possible for you, be fair and be kind to yourself. Jot down your vision, and ensure you research what the cost and effort will be for that vision. If that vision is out of your price or effort budget, determine where you are able to concede to adjust your vision to be something of which you can be happy and proud.

Dance party

What was your first dance song?

Jessica: “I Do” by Rotimi.

Can you share your favorite memory or any special moments from the day?

Jessica: There were so many that spanned joy, tears, happiness, laughter. The moment I saw my Daddy in our first look; the moment I saw my bridal party in our first look; the moment I began to walk down the aisle, and I could Isaiah through the drapery tearing up and the officiant passed him his handkerchief, so that he didn’t use his silk pocket square. I also was just in awe in every moment of witnessing the sheer joy on everyone’s faces as they greeted Isaiah and I as newlyweds.

Isaiah: The day was a movie from start to finish. I enjoyed being surrounded by my groomsmen, as we prepared for the day. From haircuts, to laughing and a lot of pre-wedding drinks. I also spent more time on the dance floor than I ever have at any other time. The DJ was deejaying perfection.

The photos from this wedding make you feel like you were on the dance floor yourself! Jessica and Isaiah, your wedding was truly stunning and we were honored to be the host venue. We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

For more information on hosting your own wedding at 14TENN, contact our team.

Venue + Beverage: 14TENN
Planning/Coordination: Pls Coordinate
Dessert: City Girl Treats
Floral: Larson Floral Co.
Photography: Juniper Weddings
DJ: The DJ Rio
Rentals: Southern Events & Tablecloths Factory