Think Outside the Ballroom for Your Nashville Event Venue

February 27, 2024

When searching for the perfect corporate event venue for a memorable, special occasion in Nashville, TN, it’s essential to explore diverse options.

No longer confined to traditional hotel ballrooms, there are a plethora of inventive and elegant private event venues throughout the Music City. These upscale event venues offer top-tier service and stunning backdrops to enchant your attendees.

Consider this when organizing your upcoming event: Would you prefer the predictability of a conventional conference center, or the charm of a vibrant, modern venue with abundant natural light?

Choosing a unique meeting and event space like 14TENN will not only make a lasting impression on your guests, but also inject excitement into the planning process, ensuring everyone eagerly anticipates future company events.

Airy, open space at 14TENN in Nashville
Photo: Adrian Eric Morales

Limitations of Ballroom Venues in Nashville

While hosting an event in a Nashville hotel offers certain advantages, such as a professional setting and accommodation in one, there are notable drawbacks to consider:

1. Fixed Layouts: A ballroom often lacks flexibility in layout, making it challenging to tailor the space to specific event requirements.

2. Technology Constraints: Older spaces may lack modern audiovisual and technology amenities, hampering the seamless execution of multimedia presentations or interactive features.

3. Parking and Accessibility Concerns: Attendees may encounter difficulties with parking in hotel settings, affecting overall convenience and satisfaction.

4. Noise and Distractions: Large ballrooms can suffer from poor acoustics or disruptions from adjacent events, detracting from the ambiance and effectiveness of presentations or discussions.

5. Limited Outdoor Spaces: Ballroom venues typically prioritize indoor areas, which for guests, may not provide an experience that stimulates their senses. 14TENN offers the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor space, where guests can conveniently move from one area to another.

6. Catering Limitations: Exclusive catering contracts at many ballroom venues restrict organizers’ freedom to select food and beverage providers, limiting flexibility in catering choices. At 14TENN, we have a flexible vendor policy, meaning you’re able to work with the caterer and other vendors of your choosing.

A unique corporate event at 14TENN in Nashville

The Appeal of Unique Venues You Might Like

If you’re ready to break away from the traditional boardroom and seek out a breathtaking venue, there are numerous event spaces conveniently situated within the city of Nashville. Here’s why we favor these locations:

1. Unique Atmosphere: Non-traditional venues such as historic buildings, museums, or rooftop decks overlooking downtown offer a memorable backdrop and unique event amenities. 14TENN’s open layout offers versatility for your next meeting, black-tie gala, or one-of-a-kind celebration. 

2. Brand Alignment: Choosing the perfect spot that aligns with your company’s values or mission can reinforce brand identity. Additionally, selecting such a venue often supports small, local businesses in the Nashville area.

3. Customization Opportunities: Corporate events need flexibility too, so a venue that offers greater  customization opportunities, allowing designers and planners to set the stage for the event’s theme or specific needs, is ideal.

4. Local Flavor and Culture: With an open vendor policy at venues like 14TENN, organizers can bring in diverse culinary offerings, including local food trucks, to immerse your guests in an event full of southern charm. 

5. Outdoor Spaces: Some unique venues provide access to built-in outdoor areas, gardens, or rooftops, adding a nice ambiance for networking and receptions.

6. Technology Integration: Many gathering spaces come equipped with modern audiovisual capabilities and technology infrastructure, ensuring seamless execution of presentations, multimedia content, and interactive experiences.

A corporate event at 14TENN in Tennessee

Tips for Choosing the Right Nashville Event Venue

Bringing people together in downtown Nashville and throughout the city has never been easier. As you embark on your event planning journey, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Define Your Objectives: Start by clearly outlining the goals and objectives of your event. Consider factors such as the theme, expected attendance, and demographic profile of your audience.
  2. Location and Capacity: Choose a meeting room that is easily accessible to your guests and offers convenient parking options. 14TENN, located in The Nations, provides complimentary parking in a shared lot. 
  3. Evaluate Amenities and Services: Take stock of the amenities and services offered by the event space, and inquire about their policies regarding external vendors. If you need specific arrangements such as furnishings or décor, select a wedding and event venue capable of accommodating or outsourcing these requirements.
  4. Consider Atmosphere and Setting: Think about how the venue’s indoor and outdoor spaces align with your event’s theme and branding. Whether you prefer a modern space in one of Nashville’s vibrant neighborhoods, or a cozy country club on the outskirts of the city,  choose a venue that enhances the desired event experience.
  5. Plan Ahead and Confirm Dates: Once you’ve found the perfect venue, secure your preferred date well in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts. Many popular event spaces also serve as wedding venues, and book up quickly. Work with the venue’s staff to finalize contracts and place a deposit to secure your date

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